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to Chuck Richards' Whitewater!

. . . and thanks for considering us for your adventure down Southern California's National Wild & Scenic Kern River (in the Sierra Nevada, just east of Bakersfield).  Right now things are shaping up nicely for a spectacularly wet, wild and fun summer of rafting.  This years' winter storms have dumped plenty of snow in Sierras and all of our guides are anxiously awaiting for you to come enjoy the spring thaw with them.  If you're a grinning veteran of our drenching fun, we know you're counting on this being your best vacation ever. On the other hand, if you have not visited us before, you may have some jitters with this, your first booking. Initial butterflies are normal and to help, here are some assurances we can offer:
  • What were you doing in the summer of 1975?  That was our historic first season on the Kern. Chuck was instructing college in Santa Maria, and on the weekends was hauling all the rafting gear and the guides (hand-picked from his students) back and forth across the San Joaquin Valley. Amazingly, the "old boy" is still here, whooping and hollering on trips, and still dripping with every paddle stroke, making sure that your grin is the brightest of the bunch.
  • We haven't missed a season since, getting ready for you.   In the intervening almost-three decades, we've shepherded over 200,000 smiling faces downriver.  While standing tall and bronzed atop granite promontories, with adulation beaming from awed passengers below, as we scanned with stalwart eyes, the frothing maelstrom downstream. "Don't worry folks, . . . we'll get you through just fine!"
  • For you, we've memorized the Kern like the back of our paddle.  On your trip, we'll mesmerize you with swimming holes, flotillas of frolicking boats, sweeping Sierra vistas, and miles of beckoning rapids.

  So, thanks for coming to visit our website -- now let's click on in and select which adventure is perfect for you. Please remember, if you still have questions, give us a call during our office hours. Our friendly staff is standing by to offer any assistance you or your group might require

"Wonderfully soaking the public since 1975."



Our 2005 season has come to an end. Join us next summer for more whitewater rafting fun!

However, it is still possible to come and relax with us alongside the river, at the Falling Waters River Resort.







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